Passionate. Professional. Personal: Our Client Approach

Criminal defense can be like a chess game: To win, you need to strategize, anticipating the other side's next move and outsmarting them at every opportunity. It can also be like a battle: You have to use every tool at your disposal when the other side — the government — has its eyes set on victory.

Although every case we handle is different, we also know from years of experience that many cases come down to a few critical issues:

  • The evidence the government has obtained (or claims to have)
  • The witnesses the government intends to call
  • The protocol police and investigators followed ... or failed to follow

We take these fundamental issues and craft individual defense strategies for each one of our clients. We understand that our clients and their families judge results by the outcome of their cases, and we truly do everything to give them a fair shot in the criminal justice system — and avoid a criminal conviction and the penalties that result.

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