Des Moines Criminal Law Attorney

"No man is above the law and no man is below it." — Theodore Roosevelt

There is no getting around a simple truth regarding criminal charges: the success of your case will come down to the effectiveness of your lawyer in crafting an effective defense strategy and challenging the government's accusations at every opportunity.

At our firm, we treat our responsibility to our clients with the utmost seriousness. Attorney James Nelsen has participated in multiple high-profile cases in Iowa during his decade-long legal career, achieving results in cases involving charges from drug possession to murder. The number of cases he has handled in such a wide variety of areas has given him an exceptional ability to take an aggressive stance with prosecutors while also taking a straightforward, but personal, approach with our clients.

No matter what charges you or your loved one faces, we have a single goal: making sure the government fails in its quest for a conviction and harsh sentence. Call our West Des Moines office toll free at 800-697-8512 to begin preparing your defense today.

A Unique Approach To Your Defense ... Because No Two Cases Are Alike

Of course, criminal charges arise out of a fixed set of criminal statutes. That does not mean your lawyer should approach your defense like any other case. In fact, you need and deserve a defense strategy developed based on your specific charges, the available evidence and the most likely penalties the government will seek.

Our firm represents clients charged with state and federal crimes throughout Iowa. Areas of focus include:

In addition to handling many cases in all these areas, our attorney devotes significant time to mastering complex legal issues through continuing education in drug laws, gun laws, police stops, sentencing guidelines and other matters. A successful defense is always multipronged, and we want our clients to benefit from every available resource.

Misdemeanor Charges? Our Firm Can Help

People charged with misdemeanors need a firm that can provide aggressive defense that will work quickly to resolve charges in their favor. We handle all misdemeanors in Iowa, including:

  • Simple misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct, assault and public intoxication. Fines range from $65 to $625
  • Serious misdemeanors such as first-time OWI and possession of a controlled substance. Fines range from $315 to $1875.
  • Aggravated misdemeanors such as second-time OWI, aggravated assault and theft. Minimum fines are $625, and punishment can include two years in prison and a fine of $6,250.

The Government Is Already Working Against You. Get An Experienced Legal Team Working FOR You.

Your first priority following an arrest should be seeking qualified legal help. Arrange a confidential consultation with our Des Moines criminal law attorney: call toll free at 800-697-8512, or email us.