Drug Crime Defense Attorney In Des Moines

"I've never had a problem with drugs. I've had problems with the police." ~Keith Richards

The first step to constructing a solid criminal defense is understanding the charges against you. In matters of drug crimes, defendants are usually charged with "personal possession," or "possession with intent to distribute." Both are serious charges that carry significant consequences if you are convicted. An experienced drug crimes defense attorney in Des Moines can help you fully understand the charges and take the fight to the prosecution.

Personal Possession

It is against federal and state laws to willfully possess illegal controlled substances, such as drugs and drug paraphernalia. While the laws and subsequent consequences vary from state to state, some common types of drugs that are illegal include the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • LSD
  • "Club drugs"
  • Heroin

In cases where very small amounts of illegal drugs are found, the prosecution will likely choose to pursue a "simple" possession charge. For example, if a driver is pulled over for a traffic violation and the officer notices a small bag of marijuana on the dash, the driver may only face a simple personal possession charge.

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Possession With Intent To Distribute

If a defendant is charged with "possession with intent to distribute," this usually means that a significant amount of illegal drugs have been linked to that person. The penalties associated with intent to distribute are stiffer than those for simple possession; this is to punish and deter drug dealers.

In conjunction with being linked to the possession of illegal drugs, the authorities will also look for paraphernalia associated with the production and distribution, consumption or use of illegal drugs.

Common drug paraphernalia for personal use and distribution include:

  • Scales
  • "Baggies" — to package and distribute set quantities of drugs
  • Pipes
  • Syringes
  • Laboratory equipment for the production of methamphetamine

A Skilled Lawyer Is Your Best Defense

The laws regarding drug possession and trafficking are complex and vary from state to state. It is best to consult with an attorney before making any assumptions about how to proceed with your case.

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