Drug Trade Financial Transactions

Although high-profile drug cases and complex weapons trafficking busts grab headlines, the fact is that woven into these matters are networks of fraud, racketeering, conspiracy and money laundering.

These types of cases require more than just a drug defense lawyer, instead, clients facing these complex charges need an attorney who understands how to investigate, analyze and interpret evidence while synthesizing the data and information into a strong defense.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized." ~Sun Tzu

Intelligent Representation Is Your Best Defense

At the law firm of James Nelsen P.L.C., we don't just look at the surface of a case, we look into all levels of the drug trade so there are no surprises when headed into the courtroom. While some firms may not have the skill or resources to handle the nuances of investigating financial matters, our attorney is well-equipped to defend you in matters related to federal criminal crimes.

In most drug cases, drug money is another factor that is addressed. Some common crimes that are associated with the drug trade finances include:

  • Racketeering
  • Money laundering
  • Tax evasion
  • Conspiracy
  • False statements

The Government Is Building Its Case. Don't Wait To Start Building Your Defense.

If you have been charged with crimes related to the drug trade, you may not understand the numerous state and federal laws that apply to your case. Our criminal defense attorney will carry out an investigation while keeping you informed of all developments.

Contact our law firm in Des Moines, Iowa; we will structure a flat fee representation defense around the unique circumstances of your case. Schedule a consultation today by calling toll free: 800-697-8512 or send an email.