Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney In Des Moines

Most people are familiar with the movies and television shows dramatizing the illegal drug trade in North America. Many of those programs fail to acknowledge that Iowa is a major hub for drug trafficking throughout the continent. Centrally located, illegal drugs pass through Des Moines and other parts of the state from all directions.

More serious than simple possession, trafficking and distributing illegal drugs is a felony that carries severe penalties. A knowledgeable drug trafficking defense attorney in Des Moines can explain the state and federal laws while helping you build a defense against any charges.

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Understanding Drug Trafficking Laws In Iowa

Drug trafficking and distribution include the selling, transportation and illegal import of unlawful controlled substances. While punishments for breaking these laws can vary widely, some common factors often play into the prosecution's case.

  • Type of drugs being transported or distributed
  • Amount of drugs
  • The geography or network of distribution
  • Whether children were targeted for distribution

With numerous state and federal laws factoring into drug trafficking charges, it is important to contact a skilled lawyer who can explain the circumstances of your case.

Building A Strong Defense Against Drug Distribution Charges

You or a loved one has been charged with trafficking illegal drugs. Now what? More serious than a possession charge, a drug trafficking conviction is a felony offense. Whether you were charged with illegally selling or transporting prescription drugs such as painkillers or sleeping pills, or for drug manufacturing or smuggling, our drug trafficking defense attorney can help you make sense of the charges and protect your rights as you stand up to the prosecution.  We have a reasonable flat fee representation.

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