Violent Crimes

Understanding the nature of your criminal charges can be the first step to helping your attorney defend you in the courtroom. While some criminal charges may seem more benign, others can have negative effects on other people and may even cause physical harm. Defending against violent crime charges requires the assistance of a skilled attorney

A History Of Violence

Violent crimes are severely punished by the criminal justice system. Carrying prolonged prison sentences, violent crime charges should be taken very seriously. At James Nelsen P.L.C., we believe everyone deserves a fighting chance; that is why we put all our training and resources into building the best possible defense.

While there are numerous types of violent crimes, some of the most common charges include:

  • Manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Murder
  • Robbery

When you or a loved one is charged with a violent crime, you don't need an attorney who builds false hope. Our violent crimes defense lawyer is straightforward with clients and has worked numerous cases, logged countless hours investigating evidence and knows that each case brings unique challenges that require diligent preparation.

Facing Down A Felony Charge

The prosecution will do everything in its power to make your case seem hopeless. However, choosing to defend yourself while understanding the law with an advocate on your side can be the difference in determining your fate.

At James Nelsen P.L.C., we build a case around you, the facts of your case and the understanding that everyone deserves a fighting chance in the courtroom. We have reasonable flat free representation.  Don't wait to start defending yourself, arrange a consultation with our Des Moines attorney: call toll free at 800-697-8512, or email us.