Iowa Gun Charges

Numerous state and federal laws are in place regarding the possession, sale and carrying of firearms. For those charged with felony possession of a firearm or other gun-related charges, the consequences can be severe. At the law firm of James Nelsen P.L.C., clients receive clear, straightforward counsel on how to proceed after a gun charge.

Facing Gun Charges In Des Moines, Iowa

A gun charge in Iowa may range from illegal possession of a firearm to illegal use or carrying of a gun. While you may believe that you were acting within your Second Amendment rights, an experienced attorney can review the circumstances of the charges against you, interpret any laws and help structure a defense to protect you from prosecution.

Some common circumstances that result in gun charges in Iowa may include:

  • Possession of a firearm on school property
  • Possessing or selling illegal firearms such as machine guns, short-barreled shotguns or silencers
  • Possessing a gun in violation of the Brady Act
  • Improperly storing or transporting firearms
  • Illegally selling firearms, i.e., without a license
  • Possessing a handgun without a valid permit, i.e., conceal and carry laws
  • Felony possession of a weapon
  • Use of a controlled substance while in possession of a weapon

An Iowa Federal Gun Charge Lawyer Can Help You

Whether you are a gun owner, dealer or collector, there are stringent laws that must be adhered to when dealing firearms. If you or a loved one is facing gun charges, your first priority following an arrest should be seeking qualified legal help. We have reasonable flat free representation.  Arrange a consultation with our attorney: call toll free at 800-697-8512, or email us.